Woodlook & More


In conjunction with Powderline Coatings, Wood Look and More is now offering Wood Grain Timber Finishes to the WA market, with the advantage of local manufacture.

Woodlook and More is a natural timber look with the advantage of low maintenance and the high durability qualities of aluminium. It offers the natural beauty and warm textured feel of timber with a range of functional advantages, Woodlook is the ideal option to give that timber look to a variety of products.
Please find below, swatches of the different Timber finishes available with Woodlook and More.

Samples of our Timber Finishes and a Woodlook brochure with more information are available.
For more information regarding Woodlook and More, give us a call on (08) 9409 8567.


Woodlook and More can be used to give a natural timber look to a variety of products from Window & Door Frames, Fencing, Garage Doors, Panels and much more.

To find out if your job is suitable for Woodlook and More, give us a call on (08) 9409 8567.


Through intense testing of the quality and durability of our wood grain finishes, Powderline can offer up to a 10 year residential and commercial warranty on all Timber finishes that meet product standards.
For more information regarding Product Warranty, give us a call on (08) 9409 8567.


Woodlook and More retains the natural timber look and feel, is low maintenance, with a stylish and inviting appearance.

Providing a range of functional advantages including:

• Strength of Aluminium
• Low Maintenance
• No splits, cracks, warping or drying out.
• Never need to paint, oil or stain.
• Impervious to termites
• Large range of Timber Finishes
• Stylish and Durable
• Suitable for Bushfire Designated Locations
• Reduces Carbon Omissions


Wood Look as opposed to timber reduces the amount of logging and therefore reduces the amount of carbon emissions.

Wood look is also suitable for  bushfire designated locations (BAL 40)

Woodlook Brochure PDF

Woodlook Exclusive Finishes Brochure

Woodlook Warranty Certificate PDF