Surface Finish


Powderline Coatings produces an Powder coating commercial finish to

Australian Standard AS3715-2002.


In accordance with this standard and in reference to appearance.

A) Appearance of finish is as significant as the surfaces of powder coated aluminium product supplied.

B) Finish shall be generally of uniform appearance.

C) Colour and texture are to be essentially free of visual defects such as blisters, inclusions & surface imperfections. Consideration of any contamination should be based on the cut length for fabrication, sections in-situ position and distance.

D) Appearance shall be viewed from a minimum distance of one (1) metre.

E) Consideration also needs to be given for further distance to be allowed for commensurate with the use of the product and its in-situ viewing distance.

F) Powder coating as a process is a 1 off coating application with no ability to rework the finish with cutting and polish methods as per an automotive finish. This needs to be considered when evaluating appearance.


It is Powderline Coating goal to continuously to achieve and improve our finish within the Powder Coating process.

To view our surface finish standards download the document below.
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