Pre-treatment is an essential stage in the Powder Coating process. All aluminium needs to be pre treated to ensure the correct bond between the aluminium and the powder coating. At Powderline we use an 8 stage pre-treatment chromate process. In connection with our pre-treatment finish and our powder application, our Powder Coating is one of the most durable colour coatings available.

Pre-Treatment of all aluminium is part of the Powderline Warrantable process as a Registered Powder Coater. The Warranty is from the joint registration of Powderline Coatings and the Powder manufacturer (Interpon & Dulux).

Product Traceability

With so much Aluminium being sourced from plants overseas and Unregistered Coaters applying Powder Coating, the quality can be in question.

This is why Powderline in conjunction with Chemetall (Australasia) Pty Ltd, have implemented a trace element in our pre-treatment system (preparation of the aluminium for the powder coat adhesion). This ensures that our pre treatment process is traceable under the powder coating on the aluminium. This allows us to always identify which products were powder coated by us.

It is not worth the risk – especially when Powderline Coatings offers you the ongoing reliability of Product Traceability and Coating to the standard you expect.