Colour Schedule


Powderline has a colour run schedule, these are the most common colours required by the industry. This enables you to plan your orders around our schedule. All orders are required to be delivered the day prior to the scheduled colour run.

If a colour is not on the standard colour run schedule, any other colours take up to 7 working days & warranty powders up to 10 working days.



Night Sky Matt                   (Interpon GN231A)
Charcoal Satin                    (Interpon GL180A)
Deep Ocean Matt                (Interpon GJ203A)
Metallic Lustre                    (Interpon GW215A)
Satin Black                           (Interpon GN150A)


Surfmist Matt                   (Interpon GA236A)
Surfmist Satin                  (Interpon GB136A)
White                                   (Interpon GA078A)
White Birch                       (Interpon GA057A)
White Satin                       (Interpon GA124A)



Anodic Natural Matt      (Interpon GY235A)
Anodic Silver Grey         (Interpon GL237A)
Anotec Silver Grey         (Dulux 27251272)
Shale Grey Matt              (Interpon GL284A)



Precious Silver Pearl     (Dulux 9717043K)
Paperbark Matt               (Interpon GD214A)
Paperbark Satin               (Interpon GU114A)
Classic Cream Matt         (Interpon GD245A)
Classic Cream Satin        (Interpon GU145A)
Magnolia                            (Interpon GD025A)
Doeskin                                (Interpon GD188A)
Monument Satin              (Interpon GP129A)


Anodic Dark Grey           (Interpon GL213A)
Anotec Dark Grey           (Dulux 27251275)
Woodland Grey Matt     (Interpon GL205A)
Brown                                 (Interpon GM100A)
Monument Matt              (Interpon GL229)

Other Colours Up to 7 working days & Warranty Powders Up to 10 working days

Please state powder manufacturer as Interpon or Dulux, Interpon will be the standard powder used unless stated.

Powderline Coatings endeavour to adhere to the above timetable whenever possible, however, it is approximate. Please bear this in mind when placing orders, in particular if the order is of an urgent nature particularly in the lead up to Christmas.

A PDF of our colour run schedule can be found below, allowing you to print or download the document for your own reference.

For more information regarding Colour Schedule, give us a call on (08) 9409 8567.

Colour Schedule PDF